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  • Charter Schools in Dayton, Ohio

Charter Schools in Dayton, Ohio

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The days of simply choosing between the local public school and a private school have long gone. Today, with the option of school choice, parents can choose to send their children to many different types of public schools—ranging in focus from vocational skills, to an emphasis on math science—or even private schools that can be paid for with vouchers, tax credits, or scholarships. Charter schools represent one of the most popular alternatives to traditional public schools and as a parent; you must be informed of the options that are open to your children.

Dayton has the highest percentage of its students in charter schools in the country. With so many schools, parents have a lot of options concerning which school would be best for their child or children. The North Dayton School of Discovery stresses phonetic reading; General Chappie James Leadership Academy stresses discipline and personal responsibility. These are just two examples of the many charter schools in Dayton.

Creating a Charter School

Charter schools are established to create an alternative learning environment for children. Organizations that create  charter schools can be a local school district, a university, a non-profit organization or a for-profit corporation. Some charter schools have a specific focus, like performing arts, math and science, or humanities. These are called magnet schools. Unlike most charter schools, magnet schools have a competitive entrance process that requires students to take entrance exams or to submit an application.


Charter schools are still public schools. This means that they are free and non-religious, but they offer an alternative method of learning and teaching to regular public schools. Charter schools are free from many of the rules that regulate traditional public schools. Although charter schools are not under the same regulations and teaching curriculum as public schools, their students are still required to take standardize test. These tests help them to keep their accreditation. They go through the accreditation process every three-to-five years.


Many charter schools have either dress codes or mandated uniforms for students. This is done to foster a sense of equality among pupils and to deemphasize the importance of clothing. It is just one example of how charter schools operate differently than traditional public schools.

Determining the best school for a child is a difficult and weighty decision, but with the right information and knowledge of all of their options, the school that fits a child’s needs most completely can be found.



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